About Will Washington

Before I get into my personal history and background, I want to focus on what I can do for you.

And now, read on to get to know me better!

me goofing off as a younger kid

As a kid in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I grew up with LSU football, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Lego sets, and various early computers & gaming consoles including the original Atari 2600, the Commodore 64, and the original Nintendo. I also grew up in the days when could hop on your bike and disappear for the entire day, as long as you were home by supper. That is the one deadline I didn't always meet.



As a Baton Rouge native and a huge fan of LSU sports, it was only natural that I would end up at LSU to earn my Undergraduate Degree with a double major in Computer Engineering & Electrical Engineering along with a minor in Computer Science. I next completed my Master's Degree on scholarship in Computer Engineering at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, while earning a nice monthly stipend as a lab instructor teaching basic circuits. I had a friend from high school who moved to Virginia, just outside of DC, and so he and I made several road trips up the East Coast while I was there.


IBM Image

After graduating, I went to work at IBM in Austin, Texas. Once IBM and I parted ways, I did a stint as a proprietary day trader for Kershner Trading Group, also located in Austin. After that, my brother and I started investing in the local retail real estate market. Throughout all of this, I was attending the local community college and managed to earn a certificate degree in Web Design.


website development image

With the real estate investments running mostly on autopilot, I started building niche websites and using SEO principles to start ranking for various keywords. It was a very fun game for me to watch as various pages climbed up the rankings. The wide-ranging topics of the sites included Dungeons & Dragons (one of my childhood passions), technical stock investing, lucid dreaming, meditation practices, general health & wellness, 3-D printers, local happy hours, and a handful of sites for friends who owned local businesses. These businesses included a body shop, a structural engineering firm, a therapy practice, a pediatric therapy clinic, an event planner, and a couple of different HOA sites. One thing all these sites had in common is that they needed copy, and lots of it.



Something else I was involved with during my time in Austin was the local Austin LSU Alumni Association Chapter. I served in several different roles, including president for 5 years. I was not only organizing several large annual events, monthly happy hours, and weekly football game viewings during the fall but also producing a weekly email and a quarterly printed newsletter. There was a lot of writing, and I enjoyed the heck out of it.



As I developed my websites, I dug deeply into the SEO part of things, and more the off-site SEO than the on-site SEO. At this time I was mainly focusing on backlinks. So I wrote countless articles, press releases, emails, blogs, forum posts, you name it. All this writing just naturally transitioned into more and more copy creation for other people through mostly word of mouth.


image of me with my wife and 2 young daughters

Fast forward to today, I'm now living in Cape Coral, Florida. I'm married with 2 girls, currently, 7 and 3, with a dog and a cat just to keep things interesting. I'm now professionally writing & marketing on a wide range of topics, and I'm ready to help you.

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